MATW Project Francais

A little warmth

can save a life.

For many in impoverished and remote areas, winter
is a test of survival. Without food and warmth, not
everyone makes it through.
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Your generous donations will go toward providing vital aid to remote vulnerable communities who otherwise would not receive the support they need to get them through the harsh winter months.


Winter is the most challenging time for those without a warm place to sleep or the means to secure a reliable food source. Families, their children and the elderly face the most risk at this time of year and, sadly, many don’t live to see another summer.

Those in poor communities across the Middle East, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are short on basic supplies like food, blankets, mattresses, and heaters and are often at risk of dying when faced with temperatures that drop as low as 2 degrees Celsius.

Through your generous donations, our Winter Campaign provides vital supplies
to these remote communities, helping them survive the harsh winter season.

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