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MATW promotes Islamic clothing donations for the sake of poor and distressed people all around the world. Every winter, there are numerous children living without warm cloth which is heart-crying to watch. Help MATW keep kids warm and fit during winter by providing them with sufficient warm clothes. Clothes donations from Muslim charity helps children specifically orphans to feel the warmth and protect themselves from winter diseases indeed. We cannot overlook their matter and so are you. Join our clothing donation program and do charity for the sake of Allah this winter.

MATW offers you to donate clothes to charity online and support so many kids indeed. We can protect them from illness, fever, and diseases that occur in winter. Since winter is coming, we must take early steps now for their betterment. Covid-19 had been passed out but we cannot feel completely free yet due to the possibility of coming back.

In order to help those in need during the winter, MATW France is pleased to announce the beginning of the Winter Warmth Project, a local initiative. We want to help those in need and create a better future with the help of our network of partners and volunteers.

For many people, especially those who are struggling to make ends meet, winter can be a difficult season. Since many families are unable to afford adequate clothing, they are exposed to the cold and other health issues. Our goal is to alleviate these difficulties by offering assistance where it is most needed.

The Winter Warmth Project will concentrate on giving communities in need warm clothing and other necessities. Our initiatives will involve distributing blankets, sleeping bags, and other necessities, as well as warm winter clothing like coats, hats, gloves, and scarves. Additionally, we will offer information and tools on how to stay warm during the winter.

We think that you are where real change begins. You can help improve the lives of those in need by contributing to the Winter Warmth Project. Every contribution—whether it’s cash, labor, or materials—matters. Every donation will directly support our programs and help us accomplish our mission of preserving people’s safety and warmth throughout the winter.

There are numerous ways to participate in the Winter Warmth Project if you’re interested. You can raise money for our programs by making a financial contribution, give your time by helping us distribute supplies locally, or start a winter clothing drive in your neighborhood. To get your friends and family involved, spread the word about our message to them.

Winter Cloth donation near me | Donate to MATW Charity Now

Feel free to participate in the orphanage donation clothes charity and earn rewards from Allah (SWT). 100% of your donation goes directly to the children’s clothes distribution and delivery. We will protect the children from any type of threats this winter. Donate money to cloth charity of MATW and let us safeguard the distressed people completely.

Donate winter clothes | Save a Life

MATW project aims to support poor children by giving them blankets and warm clothes the next winter. We care for all ages of children in different areas where winter rules mostly. It is a big challenge for us to ensure the winter clothing donation successful. Buying clothes is not the only thing that comes up as a challenge. Distributing them properly is one of the biggest challenges that we face. Our experts are good enough at this to take the challenge and win it. Cold weather creates a danger to the street kids regarding clothes and blankets. We will stand beside them this winter and ensure their safety indeed. However, we are helpless without your donation or charity as we are a charitable organization. Therefore, donate online to our winter clothing charity and help underprivileged children. It is often seen that many children suffer from seasonal flu, fever, cold & cough during the winter period. It is pathetic that they are suffering only because of not having warm clothes.

Share Clothes | Share Happiness

Let’s give underprivileged communities food, clothes, and health facilities to uplift their lives. We are looking for a massive donation from Middle East communities to use the amount for the welfare of numerous kids and adults. A woolen cap, socks, 2 pairs of shoes, one blanket, and a jacket will help one head remain warm this winter. Moreover, dry rations and food will help many people certainly. As the temperature gets lower, it becomes a fear to street people. Though they are used to it due to situational causes, we cannot let them remain used to it. Those who are living below the poverty line need our aid soon. Let’s make it easier for impoverished people feeling warmth in the winter.

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Winter is the most challenging time for those without a warm place to sleep or the means to secure a reliable food source. Families, their children and the elderly face the most risk at this time of year and, sadly, many don’t live to see another summer.

Those in poor communities across the Middle East, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are short on basic supplies like food, blankets, mattresses, and heaters and are often at risk of dying when faced with temperatures that drop as low as 2 degrees Celsius.

Through your generous donations, our Winter Campaign provides vital supplies
to these remote communities, helping them survive the harsh winter season.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the time in many areas when winter will start ruling. Survival becomes difficult at this time. Since you cannot sit behind and watch the show, you might be thinking of cloth donations among the poor. You can donate anything you have to protect a person from winter. Search for “donate clothes around me” and find us close to you. You can donate your woolen sweaters, blankets, beanie, gloves, socks, scarf, jeans, fleece jacket, and any type of warm clothes. We accept everything that seems necessary to the distressed.

Give away your used product or new items to our cloth charity and pacify your heart. We collect winter donations from several places, including schools, colleges, universities, roads, and public and non-govt. organizations. We believe that everyone must be aware of the suffering of the underprivileged, whether they promptly donate or not. It is their right and our responsibility to let them know about the situation outside. We have collected a good amount of donations from the Middle East but we need more to satisfy every child and poor.

Schools: Many schools have a place to keep winter clothes for the needy. Anyone can put their extra clothes there. Those who need it can collect it from the place. We do that even with the help of your donation.

Churches: Churches are one of the best places to donate clothes because many needy people appear here for support. You can do it on your own if you feel so.

Non-profit organization: so many small non-profit charitable organizations are on it, and we ask help from them too.

Hand to Hand: This one is the most successful event in terms of winter clothing donations. People get their item directly from our team and seems happier. 


Donate Online to MATW and help the deprived survive the winter comfortably. Winter cloth is a gift to those who cannot buy them. Since many of us are affluent in clothes, we must help others based on our capacity.


Children's Basic Winter Pack ( 1 Blanket for Lebanon) 26, Children's Winter Survival Pack (1 Jacket per child for Lebanon) 33, Children's Winter Pack Plus (1 Blanket + 1 Pillow + 1 Mattress for Lebanon) 59, Elder's Basic Winter Pack (1 Blanket for Lebanon) 26, Elder's Winter Survival Pack (1 Jacket + 1 Pillow for Lebanon) 43, Elder's Winter Pack Plus (1 Blanket + 1 Mattress for Lebanon) 49, Basic Family Food Pack (Winter Family Food Pack for Lebanon) 46, Children's Basic Winter Pack (Blanket for Jordan) 20, Children's Winter Survival Pack (Blanket + Jacket for Jordan) 43, Children's Winter Pack Plus (Gas pipes + Blanket + Jacket for Jordan) 65, Children's Winter Pack Pro (Heater + Gas pipes for Jordan) 108, Elder's Basic Winter Pack (Blanket for Jordan) 20, Elder's Winter Survival Pack (Blanket + Gas Piping for Jordan) 43, Elder's Winter Pack Plus (Blanket + Gas Piping + Jacket for Jordan) 65, Elder's Winter Pack Pro (Jacket + Heater + Blanket for Jordan) 127, Basic Family Food Pack (Winter Family Food Pack for Jordan) 46, Children's Basic Winter Pack (2 Kids Blanket + 2 Kids Sweater for Pakistan) 26, Children's Winter Survival Pack (2 Kids Blanket + 5 Polyester Pillows + 4 Cotton Mattress for Pakistan) 39, Children's Winter Pack Plus (3 polyster quilts + 1 plastic floor mat for Pakistan) 49, Elder's Basic Winter Pack (2 Male shawls + 3 female shawls for Pakistan) 23, Elder's Winter Survival Pack (Male shawls + 3 polyster quilts for Female shawls + 3 polyster quilts for Pakistan) 46, Elder's Winter Pack Plus (Male shawls + 3 polyster quilts for Pakistan) 46, Basic Family Food Pack (Winter Family Food Pack for Pakistan) 46, Children's Basic Winter Pack (1 Matress for Syria) 20, Children's Winter Survival Pack ( 2 Blankets + 25kg Coal for Syria) 36, Children's Winter Pack Plus (1 Mattress + 2 Blankets for Syria) 56, Children's Winter Pack Pro (1 mattress + 2 blankets + 25kg coal for Syria) 72, Elder's Basic Winter Pack (1 Mattress for Syria) 20, Elder's Winter Survival Pack (2 Blankets + 25kg Coal for Syria) 36, Elder's Winter Pack Plus (1 Mattress + 2 Blankets for Syria) 56, Elder's Winter Pack Pro (1 mattress + 2 blankets + 25kg coal for Syria) 72, Basic Family Food Pack (Winter Family Food Pack for Syria) 46, Children's Basic Winter Pack (Jacket for Bangladesh) 10, Children's Winter Survival Pack (Jacket + winter pant + Winter Orphan Hygiene Pack for Bangladesh) 20, Children's Winter Pack Plus (Pillow with cover + Bed Sheet + Blanket for Bangladesh) 26, Children's Winter Pack Pro (Cardigan + Mat + Mattress for Bangladesh) 52, Elder's Basic Winter Pack (Jacket for Bangladesh) 10, Elder's Winter Survival Pack (Sweater + Socks + Woolen Cap for Bangladesh) 13, Elder's Winter Pack Plus (Winter Widow Support for Bangladesh) 33, Elder's Winter Pack Pro ( Winter Elder Support Pack for Bangladesh) 39, Basic Family Food Pack (Winter Family Food Pack for Bangladesh) 62, Children's Basic Winter Pack (Kids Jacket for Yemen) 17, Children's Winter Survival Pack ( Kids Jacket + blankets for Yemen) 62, Elder's Basic Winter Pack (blanket for Yemen) 46, Basic Family Food Pack (Winter Family Food Pack for Yemen) 46, Children's Basic Winter Pack ( 1 Blanket for Palestine) 23, Elder's Basic Winter Pack (Jacket for Palestine) 46, Basic Family Food Pack (Winter Family Food Pack for Palestine) 46

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