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Help us reach every Orphan around the world today

Every single day, 5,700 children become orphaned. We have to help them.
There are more than 150 million children who are vulnerable and without one or both parents; that special person who looks after them. Cares for them and provides the safety and comfort that only parents at times can give.

Here at Muslims Around The World, we believe that every child has the right to a safe place to grow and play and access to education, health care, and nutritious food. A life free from poverty.

By donating to our orphan support program, you can help us transform the lives of vulnerable children around the world and give the best Sadaqah Jariyah.

+ Orphan Feast
+ Support an Orphan
+ Education
+ Construction

Your support will protect them and help them thrive.

Donate Now

Alhamdulillah – we’ve grown!
In Togo, we’re caring for more than 5,000 orphans and widows alone.
Worldwide, we’re caring for and reaching more than 50,000 orphans!

From our humble beginnings with Ali Banat to where we are today, MATW’s Orphan projects have always been a key priority in our plan for alleviating suffering around the world. We started in Togo with the sponsorship of one orphan and now, we operate three entire centres – Kpoga, Tsieve and Zooti – home to more than 5,000 orphaned children and their widowed mothers.

All three centres have recently undergone a major refurbishment and are currently receiving extension upgrades to house more orphaned children as our aim is to reach as many children as possible, giving them opportunities for a life free from poverty. In Lebanon, we’re doing the same. We currently run an orphanage in Tripoli that’s home to 50 orphaned children and care for hundred’s more who reside with family and guardians. We’re now looking to expand to care for 1,000 orphans with the construction of a new centre and expansion of our project.

The welfare, care and future of orphaned children are a priority for us here at MATW. Every year, we work even harder to reach more children so that they have a fighting chance at a brighter futureWith the support and generosity of our donors, we’re building and managing orphan homes that care for children with no families and children with disabilities.

In Bangladesh, we’re feeding and providing education to thousands of children every single day.

In Yemen, we’re protecting children from widespread diseases like cholera.

In  Palestine, we’re providing vital monthly care to children and support those affected by trauma due to the conflict with psychosocial support.

We’ve now expanded our operations to Jordan and Pakistan

None of this is possible without you.

2023 is the year that we reach millions more but we can’t do it alone.

Help us protect and support orphaned children today. Let’s reach every orphan together.

Care for Orphans

For orphans living in poverty, they need basic necessities such as food, education, health care, and somewhere safe to sleep. Many orphans are malnourished and have no access to basics children need to grow and thrive. By donating you can help vulnerable orphan get the best chance at living a long and healthy life.

At MATW we have homes for orphans from Togo, to Bangladesh, to Lebanon. We are constantly growing the number of children we can help thanks to generous donations.

MATW provides food, education, medical care and assistance for children living with disabilities. We help house orphans and provide them with a chance at a bright future.

Many orphans are at risk of diseases and starvation, and without help, many won’t even make it to adulthood. With generous donations, we can help those orphans in need to get the chance at a better future and make a difference in the world.


At MATW there are several options for you to help children in need. Donations, no matter how small can help children get the fighting chance they deserve. You can help provide orphans with the care they deserve by donating towards food, clothing and health care, banquets for orphans, maintaining and running an orphanage or helping build a new orphanage.

Yes. With Muslims Around The World, we help provide education for vulnerable and displaced children. We believe at MATW that every child deserves an education. By providing education opportunities for orphans, we can help provide a better future for those in need.


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