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Help poverty-stricken villages build a better future by donating to Income Generating Activities. MATW has a variety of community projects that focus on securing incomes for locals, widows, and families. From just €33, you can help support our bakery, agriculture farm, or poultry farm.  Our sewing college is a great program to support as it provides essential training to widows and sisters.

The goal of MATW France’s Income Generation Project is to improve the lives of communities affected by poverty, crises, and natural disasters by offering them sustainable means of subsistence. The project’s main objective is to help people and communities generate stable incomes and achieve financial stability by offering skill-training programs, microfinance opportunities, and other forms of assistance.

In order to pinpoint the precise requirements of those in need and to deliver aid and assistance in the most efficient and long-lasting manner possible, MATW France collaborates closely with regional organizations and communities. The organization is aware of how crucial it is to give people and communities the tools they need to take charge of their lives and create better futures for their families.

The Income Generation Project offers a variety of assistance, such as skill development programs and microfinance opportunities, to assist people and communities in generating consistent income. This assistance not only helps individuals and families become more financially stable, but it also builds up communities and has a positive effect on the local economy.

Supporting MATW France’s Income Generation Project allows people to contribute to the empowerment of underserved communities and their progress toward a better future. The project offers a long-term response to crisis and poverty, assisting people and communities in creating better lives for themselves and their families.

MATW France Income Generation Projects

Poultry Farm

Our poultry farm produces fresh eggs which are used in meal preparations for our Orphans but also sold in local markets for income.


Your donation will go towards providing a salary to construction workers building our colleges, universities, orphan houses, and other building works!


Donate to our agriculture projects which generate fruit and vegetables for consumption as well as income generation in local markets.


Our MATW bakery produces around 3000 loaves of bread each day!  Donate to keep it supporting our locals.

Sewing College

Our sewing college is a great training center to build the skills necessary for income generation – especially for the widows in our centers!


We make sure we pay all our staff members a salary to secure their futures!

Check out our Income Generating Activities in action

income generation bakery
Income generation
Income generation

Did you know?

MATW currently bakes over 3000 loaves of bread daily!

At the heart of MATW’s mission and work is to help families generate their own livelihoods and secure their own futures.


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