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More than 1,000,000 people have been evacuated and more than 10,000 homes were damaged or destroyed by Cyclone Sitrang. Donate to Help Bangladesh Cyclone damageĀ or destroyed people now.

In response to the humanitarian crisis brought on by cyclones in Bangladesh, MATW France launched the Help Bangladesh Cyclone Project. The project’s goal is to help communities affected by natural disasters recover and rebuild their lives by offering immediate relief and support.

In Bangladesh, one of the most disaster-prone nations in the world, cyclones can have catastrophic effects on communities. The cyclones can uproot thousands of people, severely damage homes and infrastructure, and prevent access to basic services like food, water, and healthcare.

The mission of MATW France’s Help Bangladesh Cyclone Project is to deliver life-saving aid, such as food, shelter, and medical supplies, to those who are in need. Additionally, the organization helps affected communities recover over the long term by assisting with home reconstruction, repairing crucial infrastructure, and enhancing access to services.

Donations can be made to MATW France in support of the Help Bangladesh Cyclone Project. Your contribution will directly help those affected by the cyclones recover and rebuild their lives by providing them with aid and assistance.

Donate to Help Bangladesh Cyclone Relief Now.

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