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Support Education through Charity. Donate to the Education Charity Project.

One of our aims is to lift the world out of poverty through education. By educating generations, we can use knowledge, trade, and commerce to improve livelihoods rather than relying on donations that may never come through.

We have in-house colleges and schools in our Kpoga, Tsevie, and Zooti villages and Quran classes in our Masjids! Our Orphans are the primary beneficiaries of our Education program and, without your donations – won’t be able to attend school otherwise. We are also in Lebanon, supporting families and children back to school in a crippled education system.

Through our Education program, you can sponsor a student for a year or give an annual salary to a Teacher that can join our schools and colleges.

One of the biggest issues in developing nations continues to be the lack of access to high-quality education. A fundamental right that provides access to a better life and a more promising future is education. Making education available to kids in need is the goal of MATW France’s Education Charity Project.

By constructing schools, offering educational resources, and supporting teachers, MATW France works to give education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. With your support, MATW France can carry on its mission of educating kids so they can break the cycle of poverty and create better lives for themselves and their communities.

Your contribution will have a significant impact on a child’s life. Your contribution will enable MATW France to carry out its mission of giving education to kids who wouldn’t otherwise be able to receive it. Children can develop their full potential and create a better future with education.

Decide today to become a part of MATW France’s Education Charity Project if you want to change the lives of children. Your contribution will go a long way toward assisting those kids who need it most in creating a better future.

Safe Return to School

Sponsor a Whole Class
(for one year)


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€349 can help 10 children in Lebanon or 20 children in Togo receive a school education for an entire year!

Sponsor a Student
(for one year)


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€210 can send 1 orphaned child to school for a year with safe school bus transportation, a brand new school uniform, a full stationary kit and school bag.

Bus Transport


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€104 can help our school bus transport orphaned children safely to school.

School Uniform


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€70 can provide 2 children in Lebanon or 5 children in Togo with a new school uniform!

School Kit + Bag


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€37 can provide 1 child in Lebanon or 4 children in Togo with a full stationery kit and brand new school bag.

Most Needed


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From school tuition and uniforms to school kits and transport – your donation will help us get orphaned children back to school!

Check out our Education Charity project in action

Did you know?

MATW currently has over 4,000 students!

At the heart of MATW’s mission and work is its Education Charity program.
We want to lift communities up with sustainability and progress!


Most Needed €22, School Kit + Bag €37, School Uniform €70, Bus Transport €104, Sponsor a student for 1 year €210, Sponsor a whole class €349, General Donation €

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