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Calculer Zakat Al Maal Online from MATW France. Use Our Calculator Below to Find Out What You Need to Give in Zakat.

Zakat is one of the pillars of Islam that must be met by Muslims who meet specific criteria. It is a particular amount that needs to be paid from particular categories of wealth to particular categories of beneficiaries with particular criteria.  Zakat is a blessing, symbolizing purity, kindness, and a contribution to the development of entitled recipients.

Muslims are obligated by the Zakat Al Maal, a significant Islamic law, to donate a portion of their wealth to those in need. Giving Zakat Al Maal, which is regarded as one of Islam’s Five Pillars, is a way to purify one’s wealth and help those who are less fortunate.

Muslims can fulfill their Zakat Al Maal obligation through MATW France. People can use the organization’s Zakat Al Maal calculator to determine the precise amount of zakat they should give based on their wealth and financial situation.

Individuals can assist MATW France in its humanitarian endeavors and enhance the lives of those in need by contributing to the organization through the Zakat Al Maal program. The projects and programs of MATW France are designed to offer food, shelter, and medical aid to communities struggling with poverty and adversity.

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Calculer Zakat Al Maal



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Nisab calculated from 87.45 grams of gold in monetary value (€4,795)

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