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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I become a volunteer?

    We love to hear from individuals who are passionate about helping others and wish to support or volunteer on behalf of MATW.

    To volunteer please fill out our application.

    Don’t forget that simply spreading our mission and sharing our story goes a long way too!

    Alternatively, for all other collaboration inquiries please call our head office on +612 9758 9037 or email info@matwproject.org

    2. What are MATW’s administration fees?

    At MATW we aim to have the lowest administration fees possible so that our beneficiaries receive 100% of your donations. We have been fortunate enough to run the organization, since its inception, with no administration fees. This is because of the financial commitment of our sponsors. These sponsors contribute to the running costs of MATW. We are grateful to them for their generosity and kindness.

    If you would like to become a MATW sponsor and help with the running costs of our organization please contact us at +612 9758 9037 or email info@matwproject.org.

    3. How do I know funds are being distributed appropriately?

    At MATW our main aim is to be an open, accountable and transparent organization. We strive to keep our donors informed through every stage of the projects we are working on through our social media channels as well as regular project updates on our website and our newsletters.

    We value our supporters and work with them collaboratively by allowing them to select the projects they would like their donations to be allocated.

    MATW is a due diligence organization and as a not-for-profit, it is also bound by regulatory checks including mandatory audits conducted both externally and internally. These audits are conducted to ensure that MATW is abiding by its legal obligations at all times as well as ensuring that we are fulfilling our moral obligations to our donors.

    4. Who are MATW's partners?

    Yes! MATW has established many amazing partnerships since its establishment which are still ongoing today.  One mission of our founder Ali Banat was to create unity amongst like-minded organizations to further our positive impact on the world!

    5. Are there any job opportunities at MATW?

    MATW is rapidly expanding and we are looking for new members who bring value and insight to our team. If you have a passion to help those in need while gaining rewardable and valuable work experience in the charity sector, we would like to hear from you.

    For further information please call +612 9758 9037 or email recruit@matwproject.org

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