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Ali Banat, his Life, his Legacy, his Impact.


Ali’s Story: From Dunya to Destiny

Ali Banat was just an ordinary guy, born and raised in Sydney, Australia. He was a hard worker and a self-made successful businessman. He lived a life of abundance and luxury because of his success. Sharing his gains with his friends and family. Like many young brothers, he enjoyed life to the fullest. Making the most of what the world has to offer. You could say Allah gave him this Dunya.

Then at the age of 29, he was really tested. This was when he was diagnosed with cancer and given only 7 months to live. Ali had a choice to make; knowing that his life was drastically cut short, he couldn’t fulfill his plans, or what he thought he wanted to do at the time. It was easy to fall into despair. And this is very common when people find out they’ve got cancer.

“...he immediately embraced his
illness as a “gift” seizing it as an
opportunity to add more meaning
to his life...”

smile ali

He didn’t lay there and take it. His destiny wasn’t there. Ali turned this cancer into a blessing. A gift. He took it. Made dua to make a real difference in the world, to help the needy, and please Allah with his actions.

And so he did. In 2015 Muslims Around the World Project (MATW) was formed. With the help of his close personal friend and chairman Mahmood, they set about to transform lives and lift communities out of poverty.

“Providing for children and orphans
was particularly close to Ali’s heart...”

Ali’s travels took him to Africa where he met an incredibly welcoming community in Togo. This is where he decided to start. Using his own wealth, he began by feeding and supporting orphans and widows. Bringing agricultural tools and tractors so the community could farm. He built water wells so they could have clean water, a mosque to pray in and a school for the children to learn and play.

Through social media, people started hearing about his story and wanted to join in. It was truly global. To this day people still remember the legacy Ali Banat left behind. And long may it continue.

ali story image3

Ali gave everything he was blessed with. And Allah answered his dua. To this day his legacy continues. MATW Project has gone from strength to strength, now working in Lebanon, Bangladesh, and Yemen and supporting Syrian refugees too. MATW Project France is growing and delivering with impact now.

Ali’s destiny wasn’t fast cars and wealth. Ali’s destiny was to transform lives and poor communities around the world. Allah gave him this chance, and he took it

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